About Vox Veritas

What's Different About Vox Veritas?

What’s Different About Vox Veritas?

Vox Veritas transforms the college application process from a time of potential negativity and stress into a calm, positive journey of self-discovery—with no homework and no regrets. At Vox Veritas consultants are selected not only for their extensive experience, but their passion for working with young people. Students can tell we respect them, and we establish meaningful, authentic connections. Time and again parents comment on Vox Veritas’s ability to connect with their children, and to nurture personal growth and confidence.

Vox Veritas consultants are collaborative. When you work with one of us, you get all of us, with our many decades of combined educational experience. All Vox Veritas consultants are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), which is synonymous with the most ethically rigorous standards in the field. IECA members are required to pledge adherence to IECA’s Principles of Good Practice when admitted to membership, and annually with membership renewal. 

The end result? Vox Veritas students experience a positive journey to success in gaining admission to their chosen schools. Most receive merit scholarships, and some are even awarded additional research grants. Should the dreaded wait list rear its ugly head, we’ll help your student get noticed and move to the top of the list.

Vox Veritas was founded by Julie Kaewert, an eight-time published novelist with an A.B. from Dartmouth and an Ed.M. from Harvard. Julie developed the Vox Veritas Method of self-discovery and admissions prep as a labor of love, with insight from thirty years of alumni interviewing. Julie’s clients have found the perfect fit—and often hefty merit scholarships—at institutions ranging from Stanford and the Ivies to an abundance of highly-respected colleges nationwide. Julie now works in association with Vox Veritas Method affiliates around the country. 

Dear Students and Parents,

As an alumni interviewer for a highly selective college over the past thirty years, I saw deserving students blindsided by the application process. It touched me deeply. College made my dreams come true, and I wanted everyone to have the same experience.

So I developed the Vox Veritas Method, which turned out to be much more than a means of applying to college. It’s a calm, gradual, no-homework process of self-discovery that actually relieves stress while achieving stellar results. Students and parents come through the Vox Veritas process with renewed confidence, perspective, and inspiration. By application time students not only have their academics and achievements lined up for optimal success, they’re ready to tell their story in their own true voice.

Vox Veritas would be honored to help you succeed. We promise you the warmth, concern, and dedication we show our own families and friends.

In support of your hopes and dreams,

Julie Kaewert