A Coalition of Consultants

to Help Your Student

Navigate the College Process

What We Do

Vox Veritas College Consulting Group provides highly personalized, custom college consulting with sensitivity and warmth. In Latin, Vox Veritas means the voice of truth. But it also means your true voice, and you’ll get both from us. We help students gain insight into their true personality and character, then express it in a way that turns heads. We carefully select colleges for the best match with your student, and formulate a far-reaching strategy driven by your student’s unique gifts and accomplishments. We have consultants in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. for in-person meetings, but all Vox consultants work remotely around the country. Vox consultants collaborate, so when you work with one of us, you get all of us—and our many decades of expertise.

How It Works

Our one-on-one work with each student is a sacred trust. If you honor us with your trust, we promise you and your student the warmth, concern, and dedication we show our own family and friends. Contact us for more information and a free introductory consultation.

We aim high and achieve high

Our students have phenomenal success gaining merit scholarships and admission to their chosen schools, whether their grades are off-the-charts or average.

individualized process

We take the lead from your student’s unique blend of passions, gifts and achievements to nurture self-discovery, and form a highly personal winning strategy.

We take the pressure off

We ratchet down the stress level by dealing with all work together during regular meetings, instead of assigning anxiety-producing homework.

Choose your consultant

Each Vox consultant brings a unique background to the Vox approach. Send an email or give a call to the one that speaks most to you.

What Our Clients Say

“I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your work with Michael. After your meetings he says, ‘Mom, she makes me feel good about myself.’ Now his essays and application are all done, before football season! You are very good at what you do.”


“With you he seemed to blossom, get his confidence and think about the world outside his high school circle. This shows you have something special, a way of dealing with kids that inspires them. That’s a wonderful gift.”


“Thanks for all your help, I definitely couldn’t have done this without you.”


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